Waiting for Doggo

Dan – a 30-year-old Londoner who works in advertising – is forced to take ownership of Doggo after his girlfriend walks out on him.

He is far from fond of the animal, but the dogs’ home won’t take Doggo back without neutering him. Dan feels he can’t do that to the mongrel, so ends up keeping him – the dog eventually returning the favour by helping him to find a new girlfriend.


‘A wonderful, life-affirming classic-in-waiting’

Sophie Hannah

‘A heart-warming, funny and truly unique tale – don’t miss it!’

Heat Magazine

‘A sweet, funny tale of love and friendship’


‘I wolfed it down … please say there’s a sequel’

Jill Mansell

‘A wonderfully comic and feel-good read’

Image Magazine

‘A funny and heart-warming journey of self-discovery’

Sun on Sunday, Fabulous Magazine

‘A witty and inspiring tale’

Closer Magazine

‘Mark B Mills’ new novel could well catch a new zeitgeist by recasting the lonely singleton of Bridget Jones infamy as a man’

Grazia Magazine